Friday, November 19, 2004

One VP serves two presidents

Question: Was there ever a vice president who served two different presidents? It is generally acknowledged Vice President Dick Cheney will not run for president in 2008, but would it be unprecedented for him to stay on as vice president if George W. Bush's successor won?
From: Terry B. of Pittsburgh, PA
Date: November 19, 2004

Gleaves answers: Twice in American history a vice president was elected in two consecutive elections that involved two different president-elects. In 1804, George Clinton was elected to serve as Thomas Jefferson's vice president (in Jefferson's second term); Clinton was re-elected in 1808 to serve as James Madison's vice president.

A generation later, in 1824, John Calhoun was elected to serve as John Quincy Adams's vice president; Calhoun was re-elected in 1828 to serve as Andrew Jackson's vice president.

Curiously, in neither case did the vice president complete his second term. Clinton died (1812); Calhoun resigned (1832).

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